About me

My name is Jake and I created this site to blog about my day-to-day experiences in InfoSec. I also wanted to provide helpful advice to those seeking to get into the field and were not sure where to start. I hope this site helps you.

I’ve worked in IT for 15+ years and in the InfoSec field for the last 6. I have always had a curious mind when it came to computers and started tinkering with them at a young age. I often found ways to bypass certain controls within computers and this is really where I learned that I enjoyed the adversarial mindset. I love the field and most of the folks that I’ve encountered in my time here have been amazingly helpful. I wanted to return the favor and provide a common place where I can answer many of the questions that I often receive from people wanting to get into Cyber Security.

Aside from work, I enjoy video games, creating & listening to music, movies, fishing, hunting, and being in the outdoors. I’m always looking for new and exciting things to do and learn. I believe that a lifelong learning mindset is fundamental not only in InfoSec, but in continuing to grow yourself.

Current certifications:

CompTIA: Security+, CASP



EC-Council: CPENT

Email: Jake@InfoSecJake.net